Mac or a PC?

Should You get a mac or a PC?

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PC for the following…

PC=Variety of specs, options, quality, prices, vendors, support
Mac=One vendor, limited options, still more expensive. Look below for more information..

Today, Macs use a subset of PC hardware. Why spend extra to get the same CPU chips, graphics cards and OS X isn’t as secure as you think..

Don’t believe the lies that Macs are better than PCs at graphics/animation.. Dreamworks Animation under studio click on Technology of Animation, an independent film maker I know uses PCs, a graphic artist I used to know uses PCs also.

A number of PCs can also run OS X (Mac OS)… as well just that Apple makes it illegal in order to get Market share.. The reason why Mac can run native Windows is because it is using a subset of PC hardware,

If you decide to buy a Mac for running Windows, you will still have to get the same virus/spyware protection, and run into the same issues as a regular PC.

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Now is a Mac worth buying for OS X?

I say: NO… for the following reasons…

Aprox 90% of the market is Windows and most PCs have windows already pre-installed.
1) Some websites require Internet Explorer, to run IE on Mac you really get ies4osx which is the Windows version of IE running really buggy and illegal if you don’t have a legitimate copy of Windows.
2) Supports more devices (printers and other things you hook into the computer).
3) More business software/games
4) Used by businesses.